John Augustine

As Interviewed by T.E., March 14, 2018
"I served a year in Vietnam in 1968, and that was a very active period over there."
John Augustine

Introductory Profile: About John Augustine

John Augustine is my interviewee and he covered how he faced many issues and didnít receive the rights he needed as soon as he returned from the Vietnam war. I met him because my dadís co worker's father-in-law was John Augustine. While my dad was helping me try to find a person to interview, my dadís coworker pointed out I could interview her father-in-law. He gave me a little bit of information about him and immediately, I was interested in interviewing and talking with him. So, I spoke with him one day before we agreed on an interview date( the 14th of March).

On the 14th of March, my mom drove me to the outskirts of Travis county where my interviewee lived. After a steep mountain climb, we finally arrived at his house. Inside, he was waiting for me dressed in nice clothes, wearing glasses, waiting with a big smile on his face. We sat down immediately and began our interview. Over the course of the 20 so minute interview I conducted, we talk about a multitude of topics pertaining to veterans rights, Mr. Augustine's life, how he felt after returning from war, how veterans are portrayed, whether people and the government are doing enough to help out veterans, etc.

The tone overall was pretty mixed throughout the interview because most times, whenever he was talking about how veterans don't get enough rights, and how people don't take them seriously, things sounded pretty grim and sad. Whenever he started to talk about what he did and how things are gradually improving, it was happier, yet, still sad. Since Mr. Augustine was a natural storyteller, I had too much to work with. He also was a very kind and nice person who took extra time to help give me extra material for my interview.