Kat DeWees

As interviewed by Tyler Hawkins, March 10, 2018
"The march itself was unbelievably powerful. I was honored to be a member of this vast movement of like minded women coming together to make a difference. It was really the most powerful thing I have, and probably will ever experience."
Kat DeWees

Introductory Profile: About Kat DeWees

This interview is about my stepmom, Kat Dewees, who Iíve known for eight years now. Anna Katherine DeWees, known simply as Kat, was born in Lubbock, and ever since then she has had a love of art, music, and especially literature. Kat has a very cheerful and optimistic personality and is always up for a challenge, whether itís hiking a long distance or grading 50 papers.

In this interview Kat shows her personal experience with social justice, mostly about recent womenís rights events like the Womenís March on Washington and other rallies that oppose Trump. However, Katís experiences with social justice also go back to her childhood and throughout most of her life, where we explore some earlier prejudice that she encountered. This podcast explores the past and present problems of sexism and other prejudices and aims to keep the listener aware of these ongoing problems.