Patricia Friar

As Interviewed by Flynn C., March 15, 2015
"When I was doing things for the refugees, I felt happy. I was glad to be helping them, and I felt very lucky that I didnít have to go through the same things they were going through."
Patricia Friar

Introductory Profile: About Patricia Friar

My Interviewee was my grandmother. She is 75 and currently lives outside Fort Worth, Texas. For 14 years from 1996-2010, she helped refugees adjust to life in America. She has always liked to help out (she also crochets animals for kids in hospitals, writes grants, and is an adult literacy tutor), and was very enthusiastic about this chance to share how she supported those in need.

During the interview, we discussed what she did to welcome the refugees to Texas, and how she felt, and what she learned from being a part of this program. She gladly answered my questions and I learned a lot about the process from start to finish.

My grandma was a great person to interview about how refugees get here, and what difficulties they face in order to thrive. I would like to thank her for allowing me to talk to her about her volunteer work.