Frieda Borth

As Interviewed by Interviewed by I.C., March 20, 2011
"Thatís just the way it was. "
Frieda Borth

Introductory Profile: About Frieda Borth

Frieda is a 60-year-old woman from east Texas. She came to Austin to attend UT when she was 18. Frieda describes herself as a very tolerant woman who believes in equal rights for everybody. She grew up during segregation, where she attended an all- white school in a community that was very separated by race. The interview attempts to discover how Friedaís open-minded views developed in this racist climate.

Frieda has shoulder length blonde hair. She was in a motorcycle accident when she was 27 and lost the lower half of her left leg. She wears a prosthetic device now. She loves to garden and take her boat out on the lake. She loves dogs, especially her dog Sweetie. She is a musician. She is the director of the public relations team. She founded the Round Rock Amputee Support Group.

She seemed happy talking about her memories, and she was also very relaxed as if we were just having a normal conversation. The interview showed that Frieda was clearly influenced by her mother even though she grew up in a very segregated climate.

Her experiences in college also affected her mindset. She is a woman with a big heart and has believed in goodness for everyone her whole life.