Megan K

As Interviewed by Finn K, March 17, 2018
"As young as when I was a teenager, at my very first job, there was an older man working with me who made inappropriate sexual comments regularly."
Megan K

Introductory Profile: About Megan K

Megan K is a pathologist at several different hospitals here in Austin. I came to know her, at the same time I came out of the womb, as she is my Mom. She is also the mother of my brother Liam and is a funny, cheerful person. She is about 5’3”, and has a very bright smile. She has 17 years of medical experience, a physician since 2005, with 10 years of training. Megan also has some great points on Women’s rights in medicine and Women’s rights overall, which we cover in the interview/podcast.

In the interview, we cover the wage gap, feminism, how women are treated at hospitals, peaceful protesting; the 2016 election, and inspiration. The interview includes the facts as they are reasons that counter some of the arguments people are using, with a not too dark feeling, but more of a “this is how the world is” tone.