Thomas B Dunn

As Interviewed by Wren Heinley, March 6, 2018
"And one of the things I did is threw my ribbons back across the divider and said: No, Iím not going to be a part of the glorification of this war."
Thomas B Dunn

Introductory Profile: About Thomas B. Dunn

I interviewed Tommy Dunn, a friend of a friend who happened to live just down the street from me. He is tall and has blond-ish hair, a mustache, and fair skin. He served in the Vietnam war as a typist on a Navy ship typing medals that were awarded to soldiers. Because of this, he saw front and center what the glorification of the war was like.

He talked about some of the battles that he was in and some of the memories that stand out, like artillery missions shelling the mainland from the sea. He talks about experiences that he had, like when his ship got stuck on a sandbar. Finally, he talked about his time after the war, when he joined an organization called Vietnam Veterans against the War. He made it clear with his words and his tone that he believed it was an unjust war.