Micheal Custer

As interviewed by Oliver Roderick
"I was poor. I was so poor I lived in an apartment that cost me eighty dollars a month."
Micheal Custer

Introductory Profile: About Micheal Custer

I interviewed Mikhael Custer about his service in the U.S. Army. Mikhael is a friend of our family and lives close by. He is in his 60s and collects model WW2 planes as a hobby. He is very cheery and humorous, even about somber things. Mikhael is married and lives in a nice home with plenty of pets, including chickens, dogs, and fish. Before the war, he was a self-proclaimed hippie who openly protested the vietnam war. Now, he is a active democrat and war veteran. In the war, he served as a medic and helped to ship injured soldiers to better hospitals to recover.

We talked about his political views before and after the war, the situation in the war zone, the constant threat of scud missiles, and his encounters with foreign allies. We talked mainly about what brought him to the military, his lack of money. Even though he was against war, he was extremely poor and resorted to the Army to have a chance. It later helped him get through school and made him more economically well-off. The tone of the interview was very calm and lighthearted, but no talk of war stays that way for long. There were some moments sadder than others, but overall those moments were rare.