As Interviewed by Eliana Prozzi, March 25, 2018
"So, in terms of impact I think I only developed a political conscience when I was in university."

Introductory Profile: About Jolanda Prozzi

I Interviewed my mother Jolanda Prozzi about her experiences growing up in South Africa during apartheid. She told me how many things growing up were the same and yet how it was all different depending on your race. The interview was calm and we got along fine because well she is my mom. Jolanda is a very outgoing person and she loves to garden and be outside. Jolanda Prozzi an average height with dark brown hair that sits nicely on her shoulders. Her eyes are a soft green that change colors and her face is a short oval.

Jolanda Prozzi was born and raised in South Africa. She has twins one boy and girl and has been separated for 7 years. She has a brother and fifteen cousins whom she grew up with. Jolanda graduated with Masters degrees from the University of Stellenbosch (South Africa) and the University of California at Davis. She is now a senior research scientist who studies transportation policy and planning.