Isela Fernandez

As Interviewed by Efrain Garduno, March 18, 2011
"In Mexico, that problem is very big, because the people see you as a different person."
Isela Fernandez

Introductory Profile: About Isela Fernandez

Isela Fernandez is a young women that is married to Daniel Fernandez, daughter of Apolonio Valenzia and Maria Garden. She has many personal and firsthand accounts of discrimination against disabled people due to the fact that she has a sister that has mental issues. She also works in an organization called Disability Services of the Southwest.

She is a very kind woman who is approximately 25 years old, and she was willing to let me interview her after my mom simply asked her. She is very tall, and has a round face, surrounded by thin, long black hair. She is always wearing a smile. She is one of the leaders of the church I go to.

When I interviewed her, she was very clear on her answers and put emotion in them because she was retelling the hurtful things all of those people had said to her sister. She was very serious in the interview, giving me more than I asked for. She always talked with a great respect for the people she had worked with who are disabled. She never changed her tone of voice when she spoke about the people who mistreated her sister in Mexico because she thought that people in Mexico are not as educated as here in the United States.

Her sister, who currently lives in Mexico, is twenty years old. She has a couple of disabilities because she was in the womb too long, and water from the placenta entered her brain, causing her to only have three of her five senses. She cannot hear or speak. Isela has a lot of experience with discrimination against disabled people because her sister was discriminated against in Mexico.

What really stood out in the interview were the stories of her sister and how the entire family had to suffer in their lives just because, her sister had some disabilities.