Madhura Sarode

As interviewed by S.S., April 28, 2019
"Sometimes I feel like she knew I was doing it all along, but she let me because she knew they needed it more than we did."
Madhura Sarode

Introductory Profile: About Madhura Sarode

My interviewee’s name is Madhura Sarode, and I came to know her because she is my mother.

Madhura was born in the small town of Anjungoa, India, where she grew up. She is the middle child, with a younger and older brother. Her father owned a farm and worked there, while her mother was a housewife.

She grew up as one of the smartest kids her age, but got a minimal education with a low cost. When she was older she got married and went to America. She finished her education in San Antonio and had two kids. She now resides in Austin.

Madhura is an extremely hardworking woman, something that she has gained from her childhood experiences. She is very strict and places her kids’ education and safety as her top priority. She is slightly overprotective, but only because she cares a lot. Other than being an independent, strong woman, she is also very kind, generous, and quick to listen and understand. She does her best to meet people’s needs. She also loves her home country and always finds the good in situations, no matter how dire they are.

The topics that were covered in the interview was multiple experiences that she had while interacting with the people poorer than she, and her education experiences. She also explains the poverty found in India and why she chose to immigrate to America.

The overall tone of this interview differs. Although some of it is said casually, parts about her interacting with the poor could be emotional.