Mrs. Herta Pila

As Interviewed By Sam D., March 10, 2012
"I just lived one day after the next and hoped for the best."
Mrs. Herta Pila

Introductory Profile: About Herta Pila

Mrs. Herta Pila is my grandmother’s friend. She is Jewish and survived the Holocaust. She was six when the war started. Now she is about 80 years old. She lives in Tampa Florida with her husband, who also survived the Holocaust.

She has a German accent, and has a surprisingly steady voice for someone who has seen as much as she. She is a good storyteller and seemed like she had told her story many times before. She gave a lot of details I could have only gotten from someone like her. She was very agreeable and thanked me for interviewing her before I had the chance to thank her.

The mood of the interview was surprisingly light. I thought she would be shy and closed up because of the dramatic things she has experienced, but she answered all my questions and shared personal details. She was also very patient, retelling me things if I hadn’t got them. I am glad I got to interview someone with such a unique story.