Minh Phan

As Interviewed by T.N., March 11, 2012
"Many Chinese were not welcome, so they didn't treat the Chinese very well. That was when we decided to go."
Minh Phan

Introductory Profile: About Minh Phan

Minh Phan is a Vietnamese woman who lived in South Vietnam shortly after the fall of Saigon, South Vietnam’s capital. When Communists from the North came to the South, Minh and her brother escaped Vietnam on a cramped fishing boat in hopes of reaching a better place.

Minh wore a regular light green shirt along with white shorts on the day of the interview. Her hair was fairly short, and her brown eyes made me feel comfortable about seeing a typical Asia. Minh was fairly calm, but also had a welcoming personality.

Minh works as a software engineer. She is also a dedicated mother, and works to support herself, along with her husband and children. She first immigrated to Dallas after living in Macao for seven months before moving to Austin.

The interview was conducted in a very calm manner. I was nervous at the start of the interview, but Minh waited patiently for me to gather my thoughts and calm down. Minh seemed very controlled while answering my questions. She knew what she was talking about and had a firm grip on her memories and experiences.

Minh was only fifteen when she and her brother fled Vietnam. However, she kept going forward with her sights set on a better place. The overall interview was successful, as I learned much about my interviewee, and I look forward to seeing her again when the time comes.