As Interviewed by Sarah B., March 7, 2012
"A lot of things that people say the first time they meet Morgan is; 'What's wrong with her?'"

Introductory Profile: About Jane

My interviewee’s name is Jane. She works at the Counseling and Mental Health Center at the University of Texas. She will be speaking on behalf of Morgan, her daughter who is mentally disabled. Morgan is twenty-one years-old and works as an assistant in a law firm. I think that right now a big problem in our society is the presumptions about mentally disabled people. I decided to conduct an interview on this topic because these assumptions really get to me. People will assume that because a person acts different than what is “normal,” they are not smart, or should not be treated the same as other people.

Jane is a very positive, life-loving woman. Morgan means the world to her. Both Jane and Morgan make friends easily, and are very accepting. Although Morgan has an unfortunate disability, they still think of themselves as very lucky.

Jane talked a lot about a type of discrimination called micro aggressions. Micro aggressions are things that can be rude or hurtful, but are not caused intentionally. Instead, are often caused by a lack of knowledge. For example, when people talk to Morgan, they may not look her in the eye. They may talk to her like she is younger than she is. They may offer her too much help. In her case these micro aggressions are often things having to do with people thinking that she is not smart, or not mature enough to handle certain situations.

Jane and Morgan definitely consider themselves to be a very lucky family. However there are important things to fix. People need to start thinking of disabled people as real people. People with intellectual thoughts and feelings. Language is important. We can’t call people names that are hurtful and offensive, because these people are hurt by them. They already have a much harder life than us. Why would we make it worse by calling them names?

These people are not invisible. It is time for us to start realizing that. It is time for a change in our society. People are people. And all people deserve to be treated as people.