Josie Ruedas

As Interviewed by J.M., March 29, 2012
"I think that I was work too hard and not fairly paid enough."
Josie Ruedas

Introductory Profile: About Josie Ruedas

Josie Ojeda Ruedas Was born into a lower class family before the civil rights bill was passed. She had three sisters and they are in still in contact today. As she grew up her father had asked her if she wanted to work as a cotton picker. She accepted on the terms of money. She worked very hard with her siblings and parents, and she enjoyed her work.

Although that she enjoy working she had thought that she was being treated unfairly. She beaten and not paid enough, finally she cracked. She was furious enough that she to the local police station, only to find that no one really cared about her. Now she has four kids and is glad to share her story with her grandkids. But she’ll forget the tough time she had went trough.