As Interviewed by P.M., April 17, 2012
"I hated being pushed, shoved, and called names during passing period."

Introductory Profile: About B.P.

Every single day there's hundreds of children in the world being bullied for what they believe in. Often, these kids are bullied for being gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transsexual. It is never okay for someone to be bullied, but often students mistreat their classmates, both emotionally and physically, because they do not agree with each others' opinions. Like millions of other kids, my friend B. P. was a victim of bullying. Only recently has the problem of bullying towards students, because of their sexual orientation, been framed as the big issue it really is.

B.P. looks like your average 24 year-old. She has long blond hair and sparkling green eyes. She has a successful job, a peppy attitude everyone seems to love, and dimples that are hard to ignore. She likes to live life to the fullest and be happy, but it's hard to be happy when you're living in a world where many people can't seem to believe that gays and transsexuals are human beings too.

Many stories about bullying are never told until it's too late -- until the child has taken their own life due to the fact that they can't take it anymore. They’re sick and tired of being bullied and being forced to think so low of themselves. People say that suicide isn't a joke. Well, neither is bullying. Bullying is what often leads kids to suicide, so why haven't we done anything to stop it yet? Because so many people are scared of speaking out about it.

We need the survivors of bullying to go out and tell their stories and tell kids that everything will be alright, that all they need to do is tell someone. But not just anyone -- someone who will help them fight through it and help stop it. Here, is B.P., a grown woman who was a victim of bullying as a teen and survived.