Renee Bose

As Interviewed by C.O., March 17, 2013
"I was being treated unfairly."
Renee Bose

Introductory Profile: About Renee Bose

Renee Bose was born in Avoca, Nebraska to parents Gaylord and Suzanna Bose. She now lives in Austin, Texas. She is married to John and has two children. She sat down on March 17th to give me an interview about how she experienced racial discrimination due to the color of her skin.

Prairie View A&M is a small college with 8,300 students, in Prairie View, TX. In one of her classes, she was the only white student. The teacher bullied her because of her race. The teacher told her that she did not belong in the class and did not belong in the school. She was going to go the school for one year, but she only went for one semester because of the problems.

She did not experience any racial discrimination at her first job, but due to the opportunity to develop a close friendship with a black female, she did let go of the negative attitude she had towards black people, which was created at Prairie view A&M. Her negative experience made her place all black people in the same bowl, where each and every one of the black people were equally the same. Her new friendship made her realize that you needed to judge people on an individual basis, not as a group.

This experience has made her a better person today when judging the person's characters rather than judging the person's race.