David Fryrear

As Interviewed by Lily Gannon, March 14, 2013
"I have to keep a positive attitude, that's the only way I can get through each day."
David Fryrear

Introductory Profile: About David Fryrear

David Fryrear, a 52 year-old male, lives with the struggle of having Bipolar disorder, Schizoaffective Disorder, and being a veteran--all of which have had their ups and downs. Mr. Fryrear has struggled with getting the prescribed proper health medication, keeping a job and even getting a psychiatrist. He feels that just because he has lack of money and his disorders, he should still be treated with the same respect as anybody else.

With a bounce to each of his steps, we decided to move from the inside to sit outside of the coffee shop, so that he could have a cigarette. Mr. Fryrear sat across the table from me with a height of 6 feet. With the average shaved at the sides, brown head of hair and smiling dark brown eyes, Mr. Fryrear still manages to stand out in the crowd with his neon orange bicycle vest he wears all around town. He also owns a dark blue bicycle that he rides everywhere.

In our interview, Mr. Fryrear happily shared his knowledge on social injustice. While we were talking, Daveís laughter lightened our conversation on topics that were not nearly as joyful. He happily contributed his experiences in a signature loud tone, but at the same time, keeping a mellow tone to his stories. He also managed to end each story with some sort of joke, which all made me laugh. He easily answered all my questions with such ease and detail, he even answered questions I didnít think to ask.

Dave Fryrear feels he deserves the respect given to anyone else, and he does. In our interview, we talked about how he feels he has suffered social injustice, and how he feels other people have suffered social injustice. He said he thinks money is a big part of social injustice, and that it should not matter if you have any or not, and that where you come from can also be a large factor on how you will be treated. He is a very kind man who is an open and fun person to talk to. But still does not get treated in the ways he should be.