Alegria Hibbits

As Interviewed by Talia Willcott, March 17, 2013
"How callous of me to not think about places where people do get shot and teenagers canít cross the street, for fear that a gang member or somebody could shoot them."
Alegria Hibbits

Introductory Profile: About Alegria Hibbits

I interviewed Alegria Hibbits about the UT shooting in 1966 because my topic is gun awareness. I hoped to capture her perspective at the moment and after. I noticed that Alegria seemed anxious to get the story told, and she remembered interesting details.

Miss Alegria is around her 60ís, but she is young at heart. She is never down; she is always energetic and always has something to talk about. She is a great person and one of the most interesting people you will ever meet. She is a little shorter than me, with pretty hair and a small silhouette. She went to UT over the summer to take a Latin class, but a mad shooting interrupted her intentions.

During the interview, Miss Alegria seemed really calm. She didn't act embarrassed or have trouble talking about it. She seemed pretty eager to talk about her experience. She is so sweet, and I wouldn't expect any less from her. The mood was intense. She is a great storyteller, so it was very fun to hear about the shooting coming from her.

I interviewed her to figure out her feelings before, during, and after the event, and I found out that her view on gun control did change after the shooting. She hadnít thought about guns much before the event. Afterwards, she strongly believed no one should have guns because of incidents like this one.