Peter S. Mikedes

As Interviewed by Neha Sangana, March 17, 2013
"It was the first defeat of the U.S. military establishment."
Peter S. Mikedes

Introductory Profile: About Peter S. Mikedes

My interviewee’s name is Peter Mikedes. He was a Vietnam War veteran who served in the Navy Submarine Service for eight years. Mr. Mikedes didn’t witness the war in person, but he understood what was going on in Vietnam at the time of the war. He believed that the only reason that the United States joined the war was due to politics and communism. In his opinion, war wasn’t the best solution; peaceful negotiation of the conflict would have saved so many lives, time, money, and effort, from both sides of the war.

Peter Mikedes is an average height man with gray hair and brown eyes. Even after all these years he has great memory of the events that happened and is very patient. He was born in 1942 and raised in the Washington D.C. area. In 1960, at the age of 18, he voluntarily joined the Navy, looking for adventure. He used to build atomic bombs, and ran six patrols. Though he never actually went to Vietnam during his career, his job in the submarine service was to continuously bomb the Northern Vietnamese coastlines from the sea.

This interview discussed a topic that is not commonly discussed in U.S history. The Vietnam War is the only war in which the United States has lost so much. This was the only war in which the U.S. had went home defeated and therefore is an interesting subject, and Peter Mikedes had a very unique perspective on it. There was a tinge of disappointment as he discussed this topic, but Mr. Mikedes stated that the U.S.A had done all it could’ve for the war but “it just wasn’t the solution”.

The U.S.A lost the war, having exhausted all of its resources and there was nothing that the troops could do. “It was just time to leave”, says Peter. He still believed that war wasn’t the right solution, and it never will be the right one. All of those people dying over something that could be quietly discussed and negotiated just wasn’t worth it. This interview is extremely worthwhile and will generate a fresh perspective for anyone.