L.R. Mahmood

Shazil A., April 3, 2013
"Racism is a social evil, which is based on discrimination, coming out from color, race, and this type of other distinctive features."
L.R. Mahmood

Introductory Profile: About L.R. Mahmood

The interviewee’s name is L.R. Mahmood. The content of this interview was based on how he was treated in Asia. He talks about this for most of the interview. Then later on we shift to how he was treated in Africa. He then tells the most interesting stories about when he was there. We then move to North America. In Africa and North America, he says that there is very little racial discrimination between the people. Most of it was when he lived in Asia. Some of the most interesting facts were the stories themselves. In one story, Mahmood’s brother is told that he will be killed by his classmates. He gets out in time, but all of his belongings – his books, supplies, food – were all burned. Another story is what the Huzoor said during one of his sermons. This one guy took a baby who was about one-year old and just cut him into two pieces. There were many other minor stories as well.

L.R. Mahmood is a man in his 70s. He has a white beard and pretty fit body. He is a very nice and humble person. He was born in India and went to Africa for 29 years, then left for the USA. He helps me in every way possible. When I told him it was time for the interview, he said “I am terribly sick, Shazil.” I told him it is okay, and that we could do this some other time, but he said, “No, I know this project is due soon, so let’s do it.” I felt kind of sad for him, but also happy that after all this waiting, I finally get to do an interview. He will always be my friend.

Since he is quite aged, his overall tone was quiet and humble. When he really got into something, he would start waving his hands in correspondence to what he was saying. He would either smile or get really mad when he said something deep.

The overall focus was how different discrimination was between three different continents. There were some points where he would get a little off topic, or a bit too personal, but whenever that happened, he would quickly correct himself and answer the question.