Rusmir Music

As Interviewed by Vincent Hao, March 17, 2013
"It was just that I had a desire to help people understand, especially my personal background and help them see and accept difference, and to see that difference isn’t bad, its just different. "
Rusmir Music

Introductory Profile: About Rusmir Music

My interviewee’s name was Rusmir Music. He is a talkative, social man. We talked a lot about his life, and how he was able to escape the horrors of the Bosnian war to come to new horrors in the US. Even just by listening to it, I felt beat down, and I wasn’t sure how he was able to handle it. But through it all, his voice was very steady and calm, and as he told his story, I could hear a man who would never be able to be beat down.

Mr. Music is a young marketing analyst who hails from Bosnia. He has very light skin and wire-rimmed glasses. He looks very sharp. He is openly gay and Muslim, and is an activist for LGBT rights as well as Muslim rights. He is 34 years old now.

Mr. Music started his life in Bosnia, but was forced to flee with his mother and siblings to an abandoned house in Croatia. the other members of his family, including his father, had to hide in other locations. He was able to come to America on a scholarship, and attended Holy Cross, a prestigious Catholic school. He graduated at the top of his class and eventually, made it into business where he currently resides.

I was able to talk to him through the phone, since he lives very far away. But even though I never met him face to face, it felt like I did. You could hear every emotion in his voice, and I would picture the sadness on his face when he was talking about something saddening, and joy when he was telling a happy story. Overall, he was very talkative, and very descriptive. He remained generally upbeat about the whole interview. Mr. Music was very open about the whole interview, and even cracked a few jokes in good nature.

After the interview, I felt better about my own life. If someone who had suffered so much could find a way to get up and be happy each day, I felt like it was almost my responsibility to be happy for what I had and appreciate it as much as I could.