Kelly Schneider and Kathrin Kersten

As Interviewed By Olivia Hardage, March 20, 2013
"We want to have a wedding just like everybody else."
Kelly Schneider and Kathrin Kersten

Introductory Profile: About Kelly Schneider and Kathrin Kersten

Kelly was born and raised in Austin, Texas. Kathrin was born in Germany and lived there until she was in middle school before she moved to Austin, Texas. Kelly and Kathrin are a same sex couple. They have been together for almost two years and are getting married on June 2nd of 2013. Though certain laws forbid same sex marriage, they still want to show their love for each other.

Kelly has her own company that does social media, PR, and design work. Kathrin does social media software sales. Kelly and Kathrin are both volunteers for the Human Rights Campaign, or HRC. As of now, Kathrin is on the HRC board of governors, here in Austin, which means Kathrin and three other individuals lead all the activities and a group of volunteers in Austin. Kelly just became board president of the Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival for Austin. Kelly and Kathrin are both fighting for equality and want to make a difference in their community.

I interviewed Kelly and Kathrin outside on a beautiful, sunny, day at Central Market. I really enjoyed talking with them and listening to their experiences. I liked listening to them talk about different LGBT organizations. They were very easy to talk to and were very comfortable talking about their experiences. They were perfect interviewees! During this interview I realized how these laws against same sex marriage are very unjust. I believe that telling two people who they can and cannot love is something very wrong. I hope that by reading my paper people can begin to see this too.