Pastor Lynnae Sorenson

As Interviewed by Dylan Cox, March 7, 2013
"Well, I think everywhere you go you’re going to run into these problems at different degrees, different understanding of those degrees, but I think it all does come down to, on one hand, ignorance and desire for power over other people and on the other hand, education and shared power... "
Pastor Lynnae Sorenson

Introductory Profile: About Pastor Lynnae Sorenson

Pastor Lynnae Sorenson is a minister at Abiding Love Lutheran Church in Austin, Texas. She has been head pastor at Abiding Love for three years and has traveled to many different countries in Europe, Africa, and South America including (but not limited to) San Salvador during their civil war and Kosovo during the Balkan Conflict. The interview focuses mainly on the Salvadoran civil war and the “systematic terrorism” tactics the Salvadoran Army used to control the people.

Pastor Sorenson is a fairly tall woman in her mid fifties, with blonde hair and dark eyes. She is comfortable around people and is confident, strong, and inspiring in nature. She is very likeable, kind and easy to get along with. She was born in Ethiopia while her parents were there as medical missionaries, and she has traveled around the world and decided to settle in Austin, Texas. She is unmarried and has no children.

Pastor Sorenson feels very strongly about the issues we discussed – the tactical terrorism of the Salvadoran military to stay in power and their oppression of the people, as well as how large of a problem hunger has become, even in our own country. She feels it is mind-boggling how these things could be happening right in front of us yet we don’t realize it. She continues to work very hard to address these issues and help those affected. I found the interview to be very informative and interesting and it made me think about the treatment of “others” in our society and world.