Elaine S. Holton

As Interviewed by Sara B., March 23, 2013
"I think from a business point of view, there are a lot of African-Americans moving to Austin who are wanting to start businesses. There are just a lot more professionals, young professionals specifically, coming into Austin. I feel that’s where we’re starting to grow as a city, and as a culture, and as a race."
Elaine S. Holton

Introductory Profile: About Elaine Holton

I interviewed Elaine S. Holton, a gay woman of color, about her former job working for services related to HIV/AIDS, her non-profit volunteer work in the Austin Area Urban League Young Professionals, and her own experiences relating to racial- and sexuality-based discrimination. She was very willing to explain all of her answers in complete detail. She managed a funny, lighthearted tone about things while still being serious and truthful .

Elaine is a gay woman of color, her father being African-American and her mother being Chinese. She is fairly young, and pretty, with very short hair, and a nose-ring. She lives in Austin, Texas with a 17-year old daughter. She’s very active in helping to stop discrimination on account of color or sexuality. When I interviewed her, she came to my house, and she was extremely friendly, giving me a hug when she walked in. She already knew my dad through the Austin Samba School, so they talked for a minute, and he made her a cup of coffee, and then we got down to business. She did a very good job of explaining all the answers to my questions very thoroughly, and while the interview was only about 30 minutes long, the quality of her words was very high. Working with her was exciting and fun.

While we were doing the interview, she seemed steady and lighthearted about everything, except for one moment when she was talking about a friend of hers who was HIV positive. Her voice noticeably wavered, and she sort of trailed off when she was done speaking. Overall, she was a very effervescent interviewee, and the interview felt more like an everyday conversation.