Ben Guo

As Interviewed by Allison Lee, on March 15, 2013
"That time, high school graduates had to go work in the countryside and weren’t allowed to attend college."
Ben Guo

Introductory Profile: About Ben Guo

My interviewee’s name is Ben Guo. He has a wife and two children. He also has an older sister and an older brother. His youngest daughter, Helen, is my friend from church. As we know each other from church, our interview was quite comfortable. His height is around 5 feet 8 inches. He wears glasses that are slightly big and round. The story takes place in southern China, where he lived.

When he was talking about his experience, he seemed comfortable and normal. It didn’t seem like anything we were discussing bothered him. He often made small jokes that released the tension in the room caused by the story. It surprised me how neutral his tone was. When he spoke about not being able to go to college after high school, he seemed more disappointed than angry.