Kalidas Vasamsetti

As Interviewed by A. K., March 13, 2013
"I like to remember the war as being fought under a blanket because we weren’t really informed about what was going on."
Kalidas Vasamsetti

Introductory Profile: About Kalidas Vasamsetti

Kalidas Vasamsetti is a veteran of the 1965 Indo-Pakistani war. He described the war as being a “war fought under a blanket”. He was a pilot in the war and flew a Folland Gnat. He felt that during the war it wasn't very clear what was happening. He fought in a few number of battles such as the offensive on Amritsar.

At age seventy-seven, Mr. Vasamsetti is still very energetic. He stands at a height of five foot three. He has a very gentle and outgoing personality. He was born in born in Bangalore on June,3 ,1936. He graduated from UOM in 1954 with a major in Aeronautics. He was enlisted into the IAF in 1965. He was then given a Folland Gnat. His plane got shot down once and he was lucky to survive.

Mr Vasamsetti said even though he wasn’t a patriot, he was torn apart at seeing a war between India and Pakistan. His voice was calm and controlled. He spoke clearly yet he fidgeted. It seemed that he was saddened by the war. He told me that once one of the best pilots in his regiment went out and didn’t return.

Mr. Vasamsetti was a victim because he wasn’t properly informed about the war. He seemed to be recalling a very painful time from his life. Mr Vasamsetti quit the army after the war and hasn’t participated in a war since.