Bahaa Ghobrial

As Interviewed by Kari Siegenthaler, March 6, 2013
"During the revolution we were Muslims and Christians protesting together. The religion thing is a card that leaders play with in order to divide people to different groups so they can control them. "
Bahaa Ghobrial

Introductory Profile: About Bahaa Ghobrial

Bahaa Ghobrial was born in Upper Egypt. His church in Upper Egypt was attacked and burned by the Muslim Brotherhood when he was a teenager. Bahaa’s community rebuilt his church to be better, with higher walls and new windows,after this occurred. Bahaa moved to Cairo with his family when he was 17 to avoid discrimination. He has one older brother.

Bahaa Ghobrial is married to Dina Samir. She is still in Egypt, unable to get the necessary papers to join him in the United States. The rest of his family is also still living in Egypt.

Bahaa and his wife ran a local TV show in Cairo called Shakl Tari. It discussed self-help topics. It was fairly popular, but when Bahaa left Egypt, it stopped airing. This show started off on a Christian TV network, but evolved to be a local TV show in Cairo.

Bahaa is a graduate student at the University of Texas in Austin, and he works as a graduate research assistant (GRA) for my mom. He went to the American University of Cairo where he was a telecom and applications officer and a teacher’s assistant. He came to Texas after the Egyptian protests to go to the University of Texas in Austin.

He is researching the effect of media on political communication. While Bahaa was in the 2011 Egyptian protests, social media was a big factor in making the protests work. The Egyptian protesters got many of their ideas from the Tunisian protesters. These ideas were shared across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.