Ismael Hernandez

As Interviewed by Erick Medina, March 22, 2013
"The man threatened us with a gun – we would have to work for him, or he will kill us."
Ismael Hernandez

Introductory Profile: About Ismael Hernandez

My interviewee, Ismael Hernandez, is from Mexico. He is a nice guy who cares for his family and the things that his family needs. He also likes to treat people equally, like they were brothers. He does not care about a person’s external looks, but rather about the internal. He was born in Chiapas, México. He wanted to have a different life for his family than he did growing up, so he came to the United States, risking his life for his family.

He has four sons to take care of every day, and he helps them with school. He did not get the education that he wishes he could have gotten, but he is still able to help his sons with school work. The overall tone of this interview is a sad. My interviewee feels upset at the way he has sometimes been treated, and he’s tried to do something about it.