Trevor Romain

As Interviewed by Asher Eaton, March 9, 2013
"Her concern was me getting home safe, not her being arrested. And that stayed with me for a long time."
Trevor Romain

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I interviewed local childrenís author Trevor Romain about his early life in South Africa. He is currently doing a project with the U.S.O. to help children of soldiers cope with their parents deployment or even death. He told very moving stories about the daily life of South Africa during apartheid, like when the police abducted his nanny while they were out walking and leaving him alone in the park at the age of 3.

I interviewed him at his local office, (which took me a stunningly long time to find... it isnít reachable via the main entrance) where he runs his business and charity. He was dressed casually, in grey jeans and a colorful t-shirt. He isnít quite tall, but stands at an average height. He has short, curly hair and enjoys doodling a great deal.

Mr. Romain was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in ď19 plenty 9,Ē and left in 1983, due to their policies. He recalls issues with immigrating into the United States, especially since he was from South Africa, a country not held in high political regard, and not being able to be published in South Africa in part due to his views.

The interview generally kept a very calm tone, and he was stunningly comfortable talking about all these troubles and memories. It went flawlessly, and I cannot express my gratitude to him for taking the time for this.