Victoria Cain

As Interviewed by Andrew Cain, March 16, 2013
"I just really felt bad for everybody."
Victoria Cain

Introductory Profile: About Victoria Cain

My interviewee was Victoria Cain, she took part in the war in Bosnia where she was a civil affairs officer.One of the more interesting things that my interviewee said was that nobody really wanted to be fighting each other they just wanted to be able to share a drink with each other on the Saba river.

My interviewee's personality was very bright and upbeat for the things that she has been through.She is short and has brown eyes and light brown hair and is also my mom.When she was in Bosnia,I wasnt born,but I hear many stories about when she was in Bosnia.

During the interview the tone was pretty steady and didnt change very muchbut slightly changed when she was talking about the worse events the tone did become sadder.During the interview my interviewee's behavior was pretty normal yet still very loose.