Sara Hickman

As Interviewed by Sora Sunby, March 10, 2013
"The warden pushes his glasses up, and thatís the signal for the three men to push their buttons."
Sara Hickman

Introductory Profile: About Sara Hickman

The person I interviewed was Austin singer/songwriter Sara Hickman. She is extremely against the death penalty, believing no human being should be killed. She has done a lot for the cause, including silent protests and speaking out at 12 cities around Texas. Sara is very disturbed and emotional on the topics and teared up a few times during our interview.

Sara was raised to know that you need to do your own thing. Stand up for what you believe in. She grew up where if you wanted to make a clay pot one day, you could do it, and if you wanted to make a blanket the next day, that yarn was all yours. If you want to go do a silent protest in the evening against the death penalty, you get any candle you choose.

Blond-haired, with pink streaks, blue eyed and short, not many people take her seriously at first. But she has a strong voice, and she will make sure you hear it. She is very passionate about her morals, and has a smile on almost all the time, beaming from ear to ear. Living to help people and making the world right, you just canít go wrong with Sara Hickman.

This interview was joyful because we are talking about stopping something cruel, but that was just on the very outside. Underneath, it was a very sad topic, talking about death. The interviewee would tear up every once in awhile, and when she would try to smile she would end up frowning. She knew some people who have been executed, so this topic was hard for her to talk about.

So, Sara Hickman was a good interviewee, being thorough, and even though it was an emotional topic for her, she got through it. I think everything she does for it brings her further down, down into the pit of sadness. How can it not? It is such a tough topic, but it is all for a good cause.