Amnon Orent, Ph.D.

As Interviewed by Gabriela Fagelman, March 8, 2013
"At the same moment my parents came in, rushing in to grab me away from the window. But the thing that I was watching was the synagogue next door burning down."
Amnon Orent, Ph.D.

Introductory Profile: About Amnon Orent

Amnon Orent is a fairly short 77 year-old Jewish man with grey hair. When you meet him you would have no idea that he had been escaped from Germany near the beginning of the Holocaust. Amnon lived in Cologne, Germany with his mother and father, but after his family witnessed the destruction and burning of a synagogue they decided to escape. After a long and frightening journey, they made it to the United States.

I met with Amnon at the Jewish Community Center. He was very friendly, and I was surprised at how young he was to have experienced this, only 77. Amnon has learned many different languages throughout his years, and he has a fusion of many accents. When he said certain words, I could really hear parts of each accent. He was not sad when he talked about his experiences because they occurred when he was young. Mr. Orent was a joy to work with! I had to only ask one question, and he led into his whole story.

Amnon was in a great mood and seemed happy that I was interested in his story. After I interviewed Amnon, I felt extremely lucky to have been able to interview him and very proud to be a Jew.