Fernando Saralegui

As Interviewed by Mateo Saralegui, March 21, 2013
"Batista was a pretty corrupt politician. Batista was the dictator of Cuba before the revolution, and my father and many of his colleagues knew that he wasn’t the future of Cuba."
Fernando Saralegui

Introductory Profile: About Fernando Saralegui

My interviewee’s name is Fernando Saralegui. I chose him because he is a Cuban immigrant that left during the Revolution lead by Fidel Castro. He was a newborn when his family left due to their disagreement with Castro’s ideals.

Fernando Saralegui is a 53 year-old Cuban immigrant. He is 5’10”, with a stout build. He is partially bald and is nearsighted. Mr. Saralegui lives in Austin, Texas as a restaurateur/writer. He lives in a two-story house with his wife, Amy, and two children, 15 year-old daughter Isabel, and 12 year-old son Mateo (me).

Mr. Saralegui was born in Havana, Cuba. His father was Galician, a province in Spain, and his mother is from the Basque country. He has six siblings, four brothers and two sisters. They immigrated from Cuba a few months after Fernando was born. They immigrated via a jet. My grandfather was the publisher of the three biggest magazines in Latin America.

While interviewing, Mr.Saralegui seemed happy the whole time. Although he doesn't remember much himself, he gave me a lot of information about his family arriving and leaving from stories he has been told throughout his life.