Margaret Prewitt Redden

As Interview by Jack Switzer, March 3, 2013
"I don't remember race being discussed around our ears, but I'm sure my parents talked about it. Adults never really talk about the really interesting stuff with kids around."
Margaret Prewitt Redden

Introductory Profile: About Margaret Prewitt-Redden

Margaret Prewitt-Redden is my step-grandmother. She is a stout, elderly lady with a short mixture of white and grey hair. She has a humorous personality and a caring attitude towards almost anything. When crossed, she can become very edgy.

She grew up in a Catholic family that had a family of blacks work in the house for them. She never believed in segregation at all, though she witnessed it in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas.

One of best compliments she ever received on the matter of racism occurred when her daughter, Beverly, came home from South Africa. And one of her daughter’s friends asked Beverly, “Would your mother care if you came home with a black man?” Beverly responded, “No.”