Barry Hodson

As Interviewed by Aaron Pierron, April 5, 2013
"In Europe, there was still a line of defenses left over from WWII, so there was a huge military presence there. We were always prepared for attacks from Russia, if they tried to overrun Europe, although we were more of a deterrent than anything else."
Barry Hodson

Introductory Profile: About Barry Hodson

Barry Hodson is a tall man, 5’ 11” in height. At age 66, his hair is turning from black to grey. He has glasses and a cane (due to recent knee surgery), and is a bit husky. He attends my church, which he has attended for nearly his whole life. He is very sweet, and is as good of a listener as he is a speaker. He has lived a very full life, serving in the Vietnam War and a two-year church mission.

He served a very important part in the Vietnam War, His platoon living in Germany. They kept Russia and the Soviet Union at bay, making sure they didn’t attempt to conquer Europe. He is a very sweet and well spoken man in general.