Thorne Dreyer

As Interviewed by Rose van Overbeek, April 24, 2013
"Democracy isn’t something that just happens in elections. We have to make democracy happen every day of our lives."
Thorne Dreyer

Introductory Profile: About Thorne Dreyer

Thorne Dreyer has led a life dedicated to fighting for justice and peace. He was an important figure in the anti-war movement in the 1960s and 70s, and he continues to advocate for social change today as a radio host, publisher, and blogger. His political activism relies on the power of words, both spoken and written. His interview describes the essential role that the underground press played in the counterculture movement.

Mr. Dreyer has a kind and gentle demeanor. His calm manner does not hint that he was a key player in the dramatic and sometimes violent cultural upheaval that defined the Vietnam War protests. Born on August 1, 1945, he grew up in Houston, Texas. His parents were political activists, and his upbringing primed him for a life of advocacy. Today he lives in Austin, Texas and edits the progressive internet news magazine, The Rag Blog. He also hosts Rag Radio and directs the New Journalism Project.

The tone of the interview was congenial. Mr. Dreyer is modest about his accomplishments. He enjoys sharing his experiences, and he was generous with his time. His mood was reflective, and he was enthusiastic about encouraging youth to be socially and politically involved.

Thorne Dreyer’s passion and vision continues today, and journalism continues to be his method of expression. The power of his words, written in the blogosphere, argued over the radio or shouted in the streets, remains a righteous agent for change.