Eva F.

As Interviewed by Maria S., April 2013
"They closed the congress, eliminated the elections, took over the power, put people in jail, tortured, and killed..."
Eva F.

Introductory Profile: About Eva F.

My interview with Eva F. was mostly about when the military took over the power in Brazil. When the military took power, people who were against them were killed, tortured, disappeared, imprisoned, or sought out. She talked about all the countries she lived in after she and her husband were exiled from Brazil. One of the things that caught my attention was when she said that Holland accepted people from all over the world who were running away for political reasons.

Eva F. has short brown hair and brown eyes. She is nice and brave, and she puts her family before her. Eva worked at the Universidade Federal da Paraiba in Jo„o Pessoa. She worked with social education before she was exiled from Brazil. She has worked with education since the beginning of her career.

The tone of the interview was fine. Her voice sounded devastated when she talked about how her husband went to jail. The tone of her voice was quite frightened when she talked about, when she was in Brazil during the military dictatorship, the military was going after her and her husband.

In conclusion, my interview about the military dictatorship in Brazil was really interesting showed me how life isnít always easy even if you have a wealthy family. Her father wasnít against the military, but that didnít change her thoughts about what was wrong and what was right. She knew the risks of being against the military, but even though she knew dying was a possibility, she didnít give up on doing what she thought was right.