Barbara Boyden

As Interviewed by Gwyneth Boyden, March 21, 2014
"One of the puppets was in a wheelchair, one of them had a learning disability, and one of them was blind."
Barbara Boyden

Introductory Profile: About Barbara Boyden

My interviewee, Barbara Boyden, was born in Vallejo, California, on January 10, 1936. She went to college at William Jessup University in San Jose, California, and majored in education with a minor in music. Her last place of employment was at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, and she was there for 22 years. She retired a couple of years ago. She was involved in the "Kids on the Block" program, a volunteer project which she chose to work at. She now lives in Dallas.

Her hair, thick and volumized, is light and shiny. She is tall and has a smile you immediately fall in love with. She has blue eyes, and when she talks, she is calm and collected. Her overall position on discrimination is that she believes that people should be treated equally. It doesn’t matter if someone is a different skin color or has a disability. It was very nice to get to talk to her. She seemed like she had a strong opinion and good knowledge on the subject. She used her hands to help explain what she was talking about, which added life to her answers.

She talked a lot about where she worked, her puppet shows, and how other kids treated disabled kids. What brought her to volunteer for “Kids on the Block” was that she was in college and needed a job and was very interested in helping the kids. She would put on puppet shows for classes that disabled kids had been put in, so other kids would treat the disabled kids with respect, instead of hurting them. She talks about how she feels disabled kids should be treated at school, and how her brother, having learning disabilities, changed her view on disabled people and the extra attention they should be given.