Coby Stilp

As Interviewed by Gracie Smith, March 13, 2014
"I carried a knife in my boots when I was in seventh and eighth grade. It was just something that you did to protect yourself even though nothing ever happened. "
Coby Stilp

Introductory Profile: About Coby Stilp

As a kid, Coby Stilp was bussed across Austin, Texas, to attend Martin Middle School in an attempt by AISD to more fully integrate the city. Coby lived in Westover Hills, so the bus ride over to Martin took about 45 minutes. This seemed pretty pointless for a kid who really couldn’t understand the deeper meaning of the bussing. For my interview, I asked Coby questions about this experience.

In addition to attending Martin for Middle School, Coby went to Anderson High School and also graduated from Georgetown University. He got his MBA at the Wharton School of Business in Pennsylvania. Coby has a wife and two children. His seventh grade daughter goes to Saint Stephens Episcopal School and a son in fifth grade goes to Bridgepoint Elementary School.

Before moving to Austin, Coby worked in New York City as an investment banker at Citi Corp. For three years, Coby commuted from Austin to New York to carry out his work at Citi before permanently relocating to Austin. Coby has now joined several companies where he can invest time, providing his business expertise and money to help the companies.

Going into the interview, I felt nervous. I was afraid my questions weren’t going to get interesting answers or would be the wrong questions to get good information, but the interview went smoothly. I could tell Coby really thought about each answer he gave. Coby is a family friend, and I had known him before the interview took place, so I felt more comfortable talking to him about his experiences. He was a good choice for my interview. The stories he told were interesting. We had the interview at Coby’s house, which made me feel more comfortable because I have been there before. Coby is a very thoughtful person, which was definitely helpful.