Selvi Shan

As interviewed by Francisca L., March 12, 2014
"The best thing here is getting admissions to schools."
Selvi Shan

Introductory Profile: About Selvi Shan

My interviewee was Talma Selvi Anandapadmanaban, but she goes by Selvi Shan. She is an immigrant from North India. She has several siblings and now has a single child. Selvi moved to the U.S. around 2002-03 with her husband. All of her siblings and her parents live in India, and she lives here in Austin.

Selvi has not gone to any schools in the U.S., but has a Bachelor’s degree in English. She told me that the thing she loved best about America was that it is very easy for anyone that is willing to work hard to have a good education and a good career.

Selvi gave me some information about how she adjusted to life here in the United States. She describes the processes as tough and tedious but commented that the officers were very nice at the consulate’s office. She seemed very comfortable talking about her immigration experiences.