Jesus Cavazos

As Interviewed by Javi Weems, March 25, 2014
"When I got out of the Army, it was 1959. I was a typewriter repairman, so I went to apply at Western Union. They told me ‘Well, can you climb poles?’"
Jesus Cavazos

Introductory Profile: About Jesus Cavazos

Interviewing my grandfather was an eye-opening experience. I had always known that racism exists, especially in southern states like Texas and Georgia. That being said, it was still strange to hear about. My grandfather wasn’t abused physically or verbally -- he was just ignored. Plain as day. They didn’t see him as if he was even worth considering. And when they did, it was not even with half the effort they would exert if he were white.

I interviewed my grandfather over the phone, and he was very eager to share his story, even repeating things to make sure that I had them down. The fact is that it was probably one of the first times that he had told anyone about it. It is stunning that some people like my grandfather have stories that could change the face of the world but are bottled up because of a painful period like that.