Charles Moody

As Interviewed by Andy DeGrasse, March 8, 2014
"The parents were very invested in their children’s education, but the downside was they could be very reluctant about the idea of seeing their child leaving their family for college."
Charles Moody

Introductory Profile: About Charles Moody

For my interview, I spoke with Charles Moody, a teacher who has taught at inner city Austin schools as well as schools in the Rio Grande Valley. The interview was very relaxed and felt more like just a discussion than an actual interview, mainly because Charles is my uncle and we know each other very well.

Although he is six foot four, he is not very intimidating, with a kind face and a warm overall presence. When he answered one of my questions I often felt like I was a struggling student and he was explaining a complex concept to me, and I could feel his inner teacher coming back out. I could see why he was well-known around all schools he taught at for helping turn around the Akins High School program and making less advantaged kids’ dreams come true by helping them attend college.

However my uncle didn’t spend his whole life as a teacher. He graduated from law school at the University of Texas. He spent the next few years as a lawyer until he decided to move to teaching at Westwood High School. But he still he felt as if he could make even more of a difference by reaching out to less advantaged schools, which he did by joining the Teach for America Program and then the IDEA program. This led him to teaching at many different schools around Austin and Texas, experiencing many interesting cultures as well as becoming more connected with lesser advantaged youth.