Sybil Jordan Hampton

As Interviewed by Elias Little, March 16, 2014
"There used to be this program on TV called ‘Casper the Friendly Ghost,’ and I used to say to my parents that that’s who I was there."
Sybil Jordan Hampton

Introductory Profile: About Sybil Jordan Hampton

I met Sybil Jordan Hampton through my paternal grandmother. My grandmother met Sybil Hampton at Earlem College. When I was assigned this project, my parents told me about Sybil, and my grandmother was very excited; so was Sybil. She was one of the first African-American students to graduate from Little Rock Central High (LRCH), and she was the first African-American student to graduate after attending all three grades LRCH offered at that time.

Sybil Jordan Hampton is a very nice, gentle, and calm person. She says that because she has been treated badly in the past, she tries to be the opposite of the people who were mean to her.

Sybil Jordan Hampton talked mainly about how she attended LRCH and how it changed her life in both positive and negative ways. She also talked about how she has done other things other than LRCH to help the Civil Rights Movement. She feels that without going to LRCH, she wouldn’t be prepared to do things in other places such as New York.

The interview went very well. At first it was a little tense, but then we both settled into it, and it went very smoothly. It was very interesting to learn about what happened during the Civil Rights era.