Anthony Gatica

As Interviewed by M.G., March 9, 2014
"I think the reason I, and all the other boys, were chosen was because of our skin color. Everybody was laughing in class, but there were no white kids who had to stay in the room with the principal."
Anthony Gatica

Introductory Profile: About Anthony Gatica

Anthony Gatica was born in September of 1969, the youngest of eight kids. His father pushed him and his brothers to play sports when they were young. He played all different types of sports through his childhood, but his favorite was softball. When he was older, he revisited his love for softball and continued to play as a young adult. As a teenager, he painted houses to earn extra money for his family. He didn't graduate high school, but he was still able to find a good job. He now works for the State of Texas in the IT field. Anthony is a timid person who doesn't speak out unless it is absolutely necessary. Despite his shyness, he is always willing to go out of his comfort zone for loved ones.

During the interview, we talked about his childhood at his elementary school. He was the youngest in his family, so his brothers had been to the school before him. He told me about how he was singled out, along with a few other students, and punished. He was then ridiculed for “not being like his brothers.” He felt this was unfair, and that he had no one to go to with this problem.

I think I learned a lot talking to Anthony. He taught me how teachers and administrators acted differently 30 years ago. He taught me the significance of having a black president, and how important that was to society. Overall, he made me realize how lucky I am, and how good we have it compared to kids then.