Carlos V.

As interviewed by Deybid V., March 2014
"I donít remember telling anybody about this because I thought nobody would care about me because sometimes my aunt would be there and wouldn't say anything, sometimes I felt lonely."
Carlos V.

Introductory Profile: About Carlos V.

My interview was my dad, Carlos L. Zeron. I had the idea of interviewing him because I knew that when he was a child, he was been abused by his dad. My dad has four brothers, a dad, Carlos Vasquez, and a mom, Marta Zeron. My dad is Hispanic. He was born in Honduras, which is where I come from, too, so I could understand his sayings. My dad is 33 years-old and about 5í6Ē. He arrived here about 15 years ago.

During the interview we covered topics about his dad, mom, conflicts, feelings, and resolutions. We mostly covered his relationship with his dad, his dadís behavior, and the reasons the abuse occurred. I think our interview was okay, but I felt like doing more. My dad thinks that this has been a very good experience for him, because he can now teach it to me. I always imagine what would my future be, and I always remind myself to learn from my dad. I will take his personality, but avoid the wrong things he did in the past. I am proud that he found a way of getting away from drugs and all that bad stuff, and that he found God, and that he feels like a newborn man.