Rebecca Lightsey

As Interviewed by Caroline Hemphill, March 10, 2014
"A real key piece of it is educating teachers and principals and school administrators that this is happening, this is real."
Rebecca Lightsey

Introductory Profile: About Rebecca Lightsey

For my interview, I met with Rebecca Lightsey, the Executive Director of Texas Appleseed. She got a law degree from UT and has been working with non-profit organizations her entire career. She is serious about her work, but very fun to talk to and a great person. She seemed very enthusiastic about letting others know about Appleseed, and I was really interested in everything she had to say about all the things they were working on or had accomplished.

The interview focused mainly on the School-to-Prison pipeline and a little bit on Payday Loan Abuse. However, she also talked some about other situations that showed the entire process of Texas Appleseed. Some examples were getting better defense lawyers for people who were convicted of crimes and getting bank accounts for undocumented immigrants. She also talked about Texas Appleseed’s mission and some background about the organization.

Ms. Lightsey was a really cool person, and I’m glad I was able to talk to her.