Ariadna Luna

As Interviewed by Elena Venegoni, March 5, 2014
"We filed a paper and I have a U visa now because I was sexually abused when I was seventeen."
Ariadna Luna

Introductory Profile: About Ariadna Luna

For my Project I interviewed Ariadna L. My interviewee cleans houses for a living, and that is how we met. She was helping out with my house. Ariadna is an immigrant from Mexico. She came to the US illegally when she was twelve years-old. Now, in 2014, she has a Visa but no Social Security number.

Ariadna has brown eyes and dark hair. She has a soft, soothing voice and a daughter who is only a baby.

In the interview we discussed topics such as visas, deportation, racism, and immigration reform. The interview was serious yet compelling. It was shocking to discover the amount of racism she encountered.

Growing up as an immigrant in the U.S. can be difficult, (especially if you do not originally speak the language) but Ariadna much prefers it to Mexico, saying, I dont want to go back.