Paige Schilt

As Interviewed by Mia Czarnecki, March 23, 2014
"I was really surprised to find that his elementary school was actually the place where I felt the queerest and the most marginal of any of my other social spaces."
Paige Schilt

Introductory Profile: About Paige Schilt

Paige Schilt is a feminist activist who has done a lot of work for equality for women and specifically for LGBT people and families. Most recently she has worked with AISD to implement a program called Welcoming Schools. The goal of the program is to make schools and districts more welcoming to all types of families and to prevent gender bullying in schools.

Paige has a son with her partner Katy. Their whole family is extremely spunky and awesome. She is a volunteer at Girls Rock Austin, an organization that teaches girls and women empowerment through music. Her blog -- -- is a personal account of her and her family’s life. Her son, Waylon, is a recurring character in these blog posts.

Waylon went to elementary school in AISD where Paige and her “non traditional” family faced some unexpected challenges. Their experiences led Paige to to want to make the district a more welcoming place.