As Interviewed by L K, March 16, 2014
"It’s always unfair, no matter where you are, when you don’t have opportunities. Whether it’s here, or Europe, or Middle East, or Asia, it’s always unfair if socially or economically you cannot do what you want to do."

Introductory Profile: About Anonymous

Even though the focus of this interview relates to education instead of internal political matters, my interviewee prefers to remain anonymous.

My interviewee was born and raised in one of the many countries that used to have policies including people joining the military at an early age and education standards that were not as good as many other countries.

Education was the big issue in many countries, such as the one my interviewee was from. Sometimes because of the military, countries would just start teaching about the military and not teach what is essential to be able to get into a college and graduate. My interviewee went to three different countries so that he could get an education that was higher in quality. Along the way he struggled a lot, including being very far away from the rest of his family. Today the education my interviewee was able to get has helped him become very successful in what he does.

Many people were not able to receive the education they did and some had to go to the army. Not getting a good education and ending up in the military for a few years was for some people their only option. Today many of the countries, including the one my interviewee is from, have fixed their laws and now have some of the best educational systems in the world and no longer make joining the military mandatory.