Lauren Schwab

As Interviewed by Ashley Ge, on April 14, 2014
"Different is good, different is cool, find out about different, you're gonna learn something you might like."
Lauren Schwab

Introductory Profile: About Lauren Schwab

Lauren Bell Weisberg Schwab is a nice and caring kindergarten teacher who teaches at Clayton Elementary School. She has taught there for eight years and taught for twenty eight years in total. She was born in the month of September, in 1961. She grew up in Chicago, up until she was a teenager. She had moved to a lot of places, and is now living in Austin, Texas. She grew up in a Jewish family, where both of her parents were Jewish and so were her siblings. Mrs.Schwab is a middle aged woman with a very humorous personality and she could always make you laugh. When Mrs.Schwab was younger, she kept a lot to herself. She has a brother and a sister and two caring parents. Lauren Schwab enjoys mysteries and fiction books such as Sherlock Holmes and others.

When Mrs.Schwab was younger she was discriminated because of her religion and her color. When growing up in a big city, she faced discrimination such as neighborhoods being separated based on their religion and culture. Her siblings have also been discriminated but not as much as their parents. Mrs. Schwab's father was discriminated a lot during his childhood and got called rude nicknames and was in lots of fist fighting. But as he grew older, the care of discrimination decreased because of sport teams and collaboration. The overall tone and mood of this interview was very cheerful, humorous, and informative. Mrs. Schwab talked about her personal stories that she had about discrimination and she gave a lot of interesting and informative information, that really helped me understand what her experiences was like back then because of discrimination.

Religion discrimination is the type of discrimination where people treat others unfairly or poorly because of their religion or what they practice. Lauren Schwab and her family have experienced this type of discrimination because they practiced a different religion. Judaism was the religion that they practiced and during Mrs.Schwab's childhood, a lot of other people practiced Christianity which led her family and her in the minority group. Race/color discrimination was another type of discrimination that her family and she had experienced. Race/color discrimination is the type of discrimination where people treat other people unfairly or poorly because of their race or color. Mrs. Schwab and her family experienced this too, but not as much as religion discrimination. She said in her interview that even when they were in a place with people who had the same color as them, she could still feel that they were different in some other way.

As a wrap-up, Lauren Schwab is a very nice and caring person to talk to; she has a lot of stories to tell if you want to hear them. She is very humorous and she has a very fun personality, and if you are looking for someone to talk to, you should definitely ask her first! In this interview I really enjoyed talking with her and I hope I could get to know her even better!